Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Dewan Furniture will inform you about the handling of your personal information as well as its usage. We may collect your information upon your request for service personalization when filling forms, allowing you to send messages on the site.

Handling Your Non-Personal Information

We may also collect our users’ non-personal information like their IP addresses; with this information, we can provide better services to our users. For example, we may collect information relating to the device you used in accessing our services such as your ISP domain name, browser, and operating system. We may use such information to provide confidential and secure services and also ascertain the number of people who visit our website.

Our Use of Cookies

As you visit a website or service, information or data, known as cookies, may be stored in your local system. We may store such information when you visit our website, allowing us to personalize the services we offer to you. However, you are in total control of the cookies stored in your computer; in other words, you can disallow, delete or block it as you deem fit. We will properly inform you before storing cookies on your machine. To learn more about managing cookies on your local machine, follow the instructions on your browser.

Using Personally Identified Information

We can also collect personally identified information from our users but before doing so, we will properly inform you. This means that our users will not be forced to give such information and when collecting them, we will also adequately inform you about their usage. In addition, we do not reveal our users’ information to a third party but the information can be used to improve some of our services but they will never be used for individual purposes. It is our obligation to make sure that the information collected by us is both confidential and safe but it will be used to make our website better in order to provide better and improved services to our clients.

Our Partner and Affiliate Sites

We devote a lot of attention when choosing our partner and affiliate sites but our privacy policy and those of our partners may not be the same. Since linked websites may have an entirely different privacy policy, Dewan Furniture will not be liable to the content of its privacy policies. So, before using linked websites, you are advised to go through their privacy policy.

How We Handle Comments and Submissions

Dewan Furniture reserves the right to disclose, without any limit and obligation, information, ideas, suggestions, questions, and other related materials our users post through the feedback process. As long as the comments are provided through the aforementioned means, we can use them as it pleases us. However, we do not make any warranty on information provided through forums or Message Boards because they may not belong to us or to our affiliates.