About Us

No building construction is complete without furniture. You want to embellish and furniture in dhaka for your home with high-quality and comfortable furniture to make it liveable and comfortable. However, all furniture is not created equal. While some home accessories are built with low-quality wood and materials, some other pieces of art are created with best-in-class materials. If what you need is class, design, style, and quality in Bangladesh, there is no better name to reckon with than Dewan Furniture.

Dewan Furniture represents quality in every sense of the word. With decades-long experience in the furniture industry, Dewan understands the art of producing the best products that suit the Bangladesh lifestyle and family. Located in a very strategic location in Basundhara, it is easy to locate the shop from any part of Bangladesh. You can choose to purchase furniture online or visit the physical store to make a purchase.

What Makes Us Different

Since it was founded in 2015, Dewan Furniture has carved out a niche for itself. As a market leader in the domestic furniture supply and design, Dewan is known for its values, innovation, customer service and quality. As a result of these vital principles and values, the furniture house has become the first choice for many customers in Dhaka and other parts of Bangladesh. Think of quality furniture, style, advanced and ergonomic designs, there is no better furniture house that comes to mind than Dewan Furniture.You can easily buy the furniture of your choice near you Furniture in dhaka.

Moreover, Dewan Furniture prides itself on its huge collection and assortment of furniture. You can find any kind of furniture in the furniture house from dining tables and beds to sofas, wardrobes and side tables. By investing in some of the best machinery, Dewan prioritizes styles, design and values in offering its wide range of customers the best furniture and products.

Customer ServiceĀ 

One of the features that set Dewan Furniture apart from its rivals is its unique customer services. The furniture merchant understands the importance of its high-valued customers in all of its services and so it offers premium customer services and support furniture in dhaka. The customer service line is always open for calls and inquiries . If you have any complaints or questions regarding the services, you can contact Dewan Furniture today to talk with a knowledgeable and qualified agent to handle the issue.

Moreover, Dewan offers 24/7 customer support and services. In other words, you can call the customer support representatives any day and anytime to address your issues and complaints as quickly as possible. If you wish to visit the Basundhara office, the door is always open for you and you can even fill the contact form on the website for inquiries and complaints.

Other Interesting Benefits and Features

Purchasing furniture from Dewan Furniture comes with a lot of interesting benefits and perks. You can even benefit from the free shipping service on all the products available in the store. Free shipping reduces the cost of the products even further, making them accessible and affordable to everyone. As proof of quality and value, Dewan Furniture offers a money-back guarantee on all of the furniture and accessories available in its store.

As if these are not enough, you can also benefit from the Dewan Furniture reward program. A whopping 5% reward is provided on the products. Other benefits and features include same-day shipping and fast delivery service. You can also benefit from discounts on each product.

Get the Best Furniture in Dhaka Today

Your furniture defines your home and you cannot afford to give it a second place. Take advantage of Dewan Furniture expert services for the best quality furniture, products, and home accessories. Most times, it may be difficult to choose the right type of furniture, sofas, dining table and wardrobe for your home. Most people hire experienced interior decorators to style their homes, but this may cost you a fortune. However, the experts at Dewan Furniture can offer you free advice even better than most interior decorators. The invaluable design suggestions could be everything you create the right design and style for your home.

You are only a click away from Dewan Furniture. Contact us today to get started with your furniture or for any inquiry relating to the service. Visit our showroom to choose the best furniture and search through the huge assortment of furniture, mattress, side table, almirah, and beds to choose the best product for you. Dewan has got you covered no matter what you need.