Warranty on Furniture

A 10-year warranty applies to all furniture in our store.

Return of Products

On Delivering the products to you, you are given to opportunity to return it immediately to the delivery man if you don’t like it.

Support Services on Products

In case of any problem with the product, you can get expert help from the company when you contact us.

Product Delivery

Within the city of Dakar, the delivery charge on the products is Tk. 1000, however, it is Tk. 3000 outside Dhaka City.

Materials Used

The furniture is manufactured with top-quality materials such as the Malaysian MDF wood and the Canadian OAK wood is used in processing.

Important Note

This warranty may be rendered null and void if the product is relocated or misused or in the event of negligence or an accident. Moreover, the warranty will also be revoked if you hired someone to maintain the product.

Product Refund Policy

We don’t accept the refund of products after it has been delivered.